Establishment and objectives

Max Fresh Air Ltd. is a company entirely Bulgarian, established in early 2019 with the main goal of producing a new type of car air fresheners. Our main goal is to represent that here in Bulgaria you can make a quality product different from the conventional understanding of car air fresheners, pleasing the eye and smell, without being intrusive as a fragrance and creating discomfort, as well as not polluting the environment. So after long research we have chosen a few figures - some as a symbol of good luck, others just bringing a good mood.


Things don't end with the choice of figurines - on the contrary - they start with that. After focusing on them, we have chosen several colors and fragrances to not only complete them as a decoration for the car, but also to ensure the best possible quality and longest lasting fragrance. And we have succeeded - our fragrances smell with constant intensity for at least 45 days. This is a result of the technology of their production, that we have managed to achieve. There are no condensing liquids or stains in our air fresheners - you just open them out and put them in the car.

What makes us different

Vision and fragrance are not everything - our fragrances are made of materials that are completely recyclable, and this is one of our important goals - maximum environmental protection. In this regard, we do not stop testing opportunities for the use of recycled raw materials in production, using the experience and knowledge of specialists in the recycling of polymeric materials.

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